S-video output for my Commodore 64 Computer

I still find it cool that 30 year old Computer equipment actually had S-Video output capability, but without the S-Video connector.

Commodore 64’s have Chroma/Luma and Audio outputs from the video port. They’re in RCA connector format, so I had to come up with an adapter. I looked up on the internet about the cables being sold, etc and found out that you needed a 300 ohm resistor inline to get clarity in the signal, because the Commodore 64’s output is a bit ‘hot’.

Well, I got a resistor and tried it and found I wasn’t getting any color. Tried a smaller ohm resistor and it began to show promise. I decided that a variable resistor would be a better solution in case each machine I connected to had different output levels. I spent some time and built my adapter case at Kwartzlab.

Voila! Observe the photo graphs!

The adapter:


Output without resistance applied:


Output with resistance applied:


My Commodore 64 on a 52″ LCD TV in the living room: